About Us

BİMSER ÇÖZÜM is a software company established in Kocaeli in 1998 to produce software solutions in information technology. It has been offering its customers a wide range of products from software packages for different size companies to a complete solution development platform, on which various business applications can be designed. Software products of BİMSER ÇÖZÜM are being used by hundreds of thousands of professionals in more than 1300 outstanding companies of Turkey, and they bring competitive advantage and success to these companies with the efficiency they provide. These products, namely eBA, QDMS, BOYSWEB and ENSEMBLE, offered in document and workflow management, process and performance management, quality management, information security management, risk management, maintenance management, asset management and designed completely by Turkish engineers, have been exported to more than 20 countries so far. New York and The Hague offices, which the company has accomplished in 2017, have taken on this development. Bimser Solution which has ISO 9001, ISO 25001 and TS 13298/T1 quality managing systems broke new ground as certificated by SAP. Bimser Solution was evaluated at Informatic 500 research as a 2nd at category “Document and Archive Managing Software” and as 18th at category “Software Producer Based on Turkey” in 2015. Bimser solution got “Big Prize of Sectoral Performance” award at “8th Industry Companies Sectoral Performance Evaluation” ceremony of Kocaeli Sanayi Odası.